Latest Caught My Boyfriend Sniffing Confessions:


20676 - I caught my boyfriend sniffing my daughters panties.I noticed he would always make excuses to be at my house when we were gone .I now know he was seeking my daughters panties! He always sniffs mine i didnt think much about it I was always worried he might accidently pick up one of thiers he assured me he knew the difference!! He sure did he goes sifting through her dirty clothes.I sat up a camera and caught the sicko ( he says he loves my girls) He is sick my girls love him like a father but that is about to change they are adults 22,24,and26 he is 64 this man needs help!! he is no better than a child molester this was my biggest fear of being a single mother with 3 daughters.... I want to vomit thinking this has been happening in my own house!Ihope somday he faces his sick fettish and gets help !


20484 - I picked up my best friend’s girlfriend this past Friday from the bus station to give her a ride to his house, and I almost died when she got in my car. She came straight from work and was still wearing her little skirt, black pantyhose, and black high heels. The drive is well over an hour from the station to my friend’s house, and we also immediately hit some rush hour traffic, stretching it even longer. Needless to say, we talked quite a bit during the drive, but something was different. I instantly felt a strong sexual tension from her that I had never really felt before, even when she was at her most flirtatious.
I began to steer the conversation to more flirty territory and then she started to lightly stroke my leg and asked me if I ever thought about her when I was having sex because she thought about me sometimes, but knew it was wrong since she was dating my best friend. Honestly, I had thought about her a lot during sex and when I jacked off, and I told her that (a little less coarse though). That’s when she said the dangerous words to the effect of having fantasized the whole bus ride about me pulling off and fucking her hard in the backseat of my car, but wasn’t sure if I would ever go for it, or if we’d get caught, we’d be found out, etc. All of the tension, talk, her sexy outfit, and hand on my leg had me ready to explode in my pants, so I said fuck it, and pulled off and parked behind an abandoned warehouse.
As soon as I parked the car, I hiked her skirt up, pushed her pantyhose down a bit, pushed her little lace panties off to the side, and slid my throbbing cock into her tight wet hole. She was practically dripping wet, and she started moaning almost as soon as I was inside of her. I fucked her very hard and very fast, and the fact that it was so wrong made it that much more intense. After a few minutes, she started to whimper a bit, said that she was going to cum, and I felt her whole body tense up as she bit her lip and then let out a little cry of pleasure.
I kept fucking her hard but I was frustrated by one thing: I couldn’t get to her feet, and I was dying to have at them (I have a foot fetish, and she’s known about it for a while). I NEEDED them since she had teased my fetish into overdrive for so long, and I knew that I was probably going to cum soon. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore and I half picked her up and flung us both into a different position so that I could grab her legs and pull her feet up to my face. I was ready to explode as I started to pull her feet up to me so I could pull her heels off and lick them when I felt her instantly start to pull them away so quickly that I thought I hurt her. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she was embarrassed, which was why she didn’t tease me with them already: She had been wearing her pantyhose and heels for almost twelve hours, walked quite a bit, and could feel how sweaty they were, meaning that they were almost undoubtedly smelly.
I nearly had a stroke at her saying this because (unbeknownst to her) stinky feet make me cum the hardest. I inadvertently gasped a bit when she said it, and I could tell that she thought I was appalled, but then I told her: That REALLY gets me off. She looked surprised for a second, and then she smiled and asked me why I didn’t tell her that sooner.
I pulled them up and for a split second I thought about how long I had wanted her and wanted to smell and lick her feet, especially the bottoms. I put her feet together side by side and in one motion, ripped both of her heels off. It was a foot fetishist’s dream come true, seeing the bottoms of her feet right there for the licking, clad in sweaty sheer pantyhose that were practically glued to her feet from all of the sweat. Then I couldn’t take it anymore, I started thrusting even harder and buried my face in the bottoms of her feet and inhaled. Three years of foot fetish frustration were over. I got to smell her sweaty feet. I don’t know if it was the smell itself, the fact that a cute, well-to-do woman had smelly feet, or a combination of the two, but sniffing her cheesy smelling feet had my cock throbbing and practically quivering. I knew I was going to bust any second, so I grabbed her feet, tore the pantyhose on each foot, buried my face in them again and, alternating between smelling and licking the bottoms of her feet like a man possessed, my cock was without a doubt the hardest and biggest I have ever seen it. Pumping her as hard as I could, I grunted a bit, and pushing my face even harder into the bottoms of her feet for leverage, cummed the hardest I have ever cummed in my life and squirted load after load of hot cum deep inside of her. We put ourselves back together and I dropped her off at her boyfriend’s house. It’s been two days and he’s called me twice so far to shoot the shit, so I think I’m in the clear!