Latest Cheating Wive Confessions:


11195 - What is the deal with married men wanting to cheat on their wives with younger girls? I'm 17 and attractive, I get hit on by lots of married men where I work(at a restaurant). What is so bad about your wives that you have to look for other women to screw? Why the hell did you get married if you can't keep your dick in your pants!? Don't you have the decency to leave your wife before you screw around? Thanks for making me insecure about my future with relationships, assholes! I guess I get to look forward to my future husbands/boyfriends cheating on me. I hope I never end up with someone as selfish as the guys who are out there cheating on their wives.


16024 - I have worked as a male stripper for the past 4 years, I can not tell you how many future wives cheat on their husband just before getting marrying them. it happens all the time. I get better tips when i let them suck on my c*ck. I am so jaded now I dont think i even want to get married. Men are stupid to trust their wives at bachlorette parties as guys like me pump their wifes full of cum.


14033 - I slept with 3 of my friend's wives. All within 2 months. One was Italian, the other was Puerto Rican, and the other white. I once had sex with the Italian and Puero Rican in the same night same house during a party. Their husbands were too busy paying attention to other girls, while I banged each wife in the master bathroom. The Puerto Rican ended up getting pregnant by me and had to have an abortion. Her husband was white and I'm black.


19911 - In the past three years we've moved four times, not because I like to paint and decorate, it's because my wife has an insatiable sexual appetite and that includes married men.
She needs and gets my cock at least twice a day, but that's not enough for her mouth, pussy and ass.
So ever since I gave her permission, not that she was going to need that anyway, I'm sure she's fucked behind my back. She's been having men round to service her sexual cravings.
Some have been men who's she's met in bars and clubs, others have men who have worked on our houses, but most have been men in the neighbourhood who have cheated on their wives and girlfriends.
I've watched her numerous times being fucked by up to four men at a time and every one of them have commented, how much of a downright sexual slut she is.
I don't care about the married guys because it's their choice to fuck my wife and to honest I don't blame them, especially looking at most of the fat fucks they have at home.
My wife is thirty eight and still models for an agency, she is beautiful and I truely mean that in every way.
So I suppose I'll just have to get used to hauling furniture until her pussy and ass settle down.


18148 - I used go out and drink with this guy who was stationed at a naval air station where I lived. He was married but screwing everything that came along and bragged to me about it.

His wife was around 26, very skinny, small boobs and long brown hair and she was no angel either. One night, he, his wife and I were out drinking. She asked me to dance. We were out on the dance floor and she steered me over to a dark corner. She grabbed my butt and pulled me up against her and started kissing me and running her tongue against mine. Well, my dick immediately came to life and she could feel it since my crotch was jammed up aginst hers. She said, see I know you like that and I want to give you more. I said no, I don't mess with married women, especially a buddy's wife.

It was a month later and the three of us had been out drinking on a friday night. I was too drunk to drive home so I stayed the night in a spare bedroom at their house. Her husband had saturday duty so he left that morning to go to work, leaving the wife and me alone It was around 9 in the morning and I woke up. She was sitting on the edge of the bed totally naked. She had pulled the covers down, my shorts were down to my knees and she was stroking my hard dick. I was looking at two of the nicest small tits and dark black pubic hair which really stood out against her pale white skin. Ok, I was immediately overcome by lust, buddy's wife or not. It had been several weeks since I had been laid. She smiled and said I knew I'd get you one way or the or the other. She then straddled me and began riding my dick. It took only about 30 seconds and I came. We both lay there not saying much. I was playing with her tits and she was playing with my dick while I was thinking to myself, if her husband came home he was going to beat the shit out or me. Also feeling a little guilty about what had just happened but apparently not guilty enough. We made some small talk and pretty soon my dick got hard again. She said I want you to eat me than fuck me. I did just that. Damn that pussy tasted good. We fucked and played for around half an hour. She came several times and I finally came again. Well, so much for not fucking a buddy's wife.

I fucked her again on two separate occasions then stopped while I was still ahead. By then, I had also found a girlfriend who was taking good care of me. I found out later she was fucking some other guy and her husband caught up with them. He beat the shit out of the guy and gave her a black eye and some bruised ribs.

Strange how some guys cheat on their wives but become violent when their wife does the same. A bit onesided.