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20905 - Im 15 and my dad is 49. I love iral sex and i want him to lick my clit and suck my pussy lips so bad. And i wanna suck his cock too. How can i gethim to do this?


22449 - I feel a great sense of pity for all those who have sex, yet have never indulged in incest. There’s nothing more rewarding than fucking with the closest of relatives, I’m twenty-one years old, and I’ve engaged in sex with my father for as long as I can remember. Daddy gave me my first quivering orgasm when I was just three years of age, and I still get wet every time I think of it.
I had been rubbing and sucking his cock as he had taughtr me, when he took it in his hand and began rubbing his cock-head between my bald pussy-lips and up and down my little clit. He had done this many times before, but this time when he had fimished, he put his head between my legs and began licking and sucking, swollowing his own creamy cum. After about ten minutes, my erect, aching cliity erupted and I screamed as orgasm after orgasm wracked my trembling body.
In the years that followed, Daddy taught me how to 69 him, and this I did as often as I possibly could, more than enjoying every second of it We continued having just oral sex until my sixth birthday. Early that morning, we had sex as I’ved described, but instead of Daddy just rubbing his cock-head over my slit, he parted my pussy-lips and inserted the head between them and, with one hard thrust, he broke my maidenhead, and let his cock slide inside me.
The walls of my tender cunt were on fire, and I screamed loudly as three inches of cock worked up and down my tight six-year-old quim. It lasted only a few minutes, and I felt Daddy’s cock jerk as he pumped his spunk inside me. I was so sore, yet I felt a sense of excitement in knowing that Daddy had fucked me as he fucked Mummy.
Over the next few years Daddy taught me different sex positions, and by the age of ten, I could take all his cock inside my tight, preteen cunt. I started my periods at fourteen, and Daddy thereafter had me use the pill.
Im’m getting married in a few weeks time, and I don’t know if Daddy will continue to fuck me. I want him too because just the thought of incest is enough to turn me on.


23777 - My name is Nora and I am forty-one years old. I first experienced cock when I was six. My best friend at school and myself were introduced to sex by her grandfather. When his wife was out shopping, he used to take us to the bathroom, instruct us to strip naked, and tongued our pussies. He also used to swing me between his legs so that his cock was rubbing up and down my slit and over my clit. At other times, he had us rub his cock and suck him until he had a cum.
One hot Saturday morning in the summer, when I was eight years old, daddy told me he was going to take a bath and asked me if I wanted to join him. I had often bathed with mummy and daddy, and thought little of it. Mummy was away for the weekend visiting her sick sister. I willingly agreed, and went upstairs with him.
When we had undressed and were naked, I noticed that daddy’s cock was a lot harder than it had been at previous times. I could scarcely take my eyes off it. Daddy realized this and, with a smile, asked me if I wanted to hold It. I nodded my head excitedly, and immediately began to massage his erection. As I did so, daddy placed his hand between my legs, and began fingering my clit, I felt wonderful, especially when daddy kissed me fully on the mouth and forced his tongue between my ready lips.
After a time, daddy asked me if I wanted him to lick my pussy. Did I? I was on fire. Daddy lay on the bed and told me to sit over him with my back away from him. As I did so, he began licking up and down my crack and teasing my little clitoris, I automatically leant forward and began to rub and suck his cock. It was not long before I was screaming with pleasure as one orgasm after another wracked my tiny body. I struggled to push daddy away as I could take no more.
As I eventually managed to roll of him, daddy forced my legs apart and held the swollen knob of his cock between my bald, preteen cunt lips. I cried out as he tore open my hymen. Daddy had taken my virginity
At first he did not move. He had just the knob of his seven-inch cock inside me. The initial pain had subsided and I groaned as he eventually began fucking me properly. Stoke after stroke of his thick cock brought me such wonderful sensations that I wished that my young pussy could take all of it up inside me. When daddy finally finished, he flooded my vagina with violent spurts of his warm, creamy cum. While he was still inside me, I could feel the spunk running out of my pussy and down my quivering thighs.
Daddy led me upstairs that afternoon and fucked me again. This time he took me doggy-style and I actually had an orgasm before his balls erupted and emptied their cum inside me. After that, we fucked whenever mummy was out shopping.
One day, when I was eleven. Mummy returned early, and caught us. At first she was angry, but when I convinced her that I really enjoyed being fucked, she calmed down and sat on the bed watching us. After a few days, she invited me to her bed and played with herself as she watched daddy and me fucking. When we had finished, mummy got daddy hard again and fucked him herself. After that, we often fucked together, with mummy licking out my pussy after daddy had spunked up it.
By the time I was thirteen years old, I could take all of daddy’s cock up me. I am forty-three now. Despite being married with two daughters of my own, I still manage to fuck with mummy and daddy a few times a month. I don’t know if my husband has fucked our daughters yet, I hope that he has, and that one day I’ll find him at it so that I can join them.


23776 - This confession is a true one. My name is Natalie, though Daddy calls me Nat. I’m now 23 years old, and I’ve been having sex with Daddy since I was just gone seven. My mother was an alcoholic who used to go away from home for weeks at a time. On her return, she would beat me if Daddy refused to fuck her. Eventually, Daddy threw her out with a threat that she was never to return. That was when I was six years old. I had always slept in Daddy’s bed when my mother wasn’t home. Nothing ever happened until I was a little over seven. On that particular night, we had just dried off after our bath when Daddy had an erection. I had sometimes opened the bedroom door when my mother and Daddy were having sex, and had seen her rub and suck his cock. I suddenly wanted to do the same, to please him. Daddy saw me looking at his erection, and asked me if I wanted to hold. When I nodded, he took my hand and placed it on his cock. At the same time, he put his hand between my legs and quickly found my clittie. As he rocked his cock to and fro in my hand, his lips engulfed mine and his tongue slipped into my mouth. I was in heaven. After some minutes, Daddy pulled me to the bed, lay down and asked me to sit over his mouth. I knew what he wanted and, with him licking my swollen clit, I placed his cock in my mouth and began to rub it. Within minutes, I was having an explosive orgasm. My whole body trembled as Daddy continued to lick and suck me. When a second orgasm rocked my body, I was pounding on his head for him to stop. Eventually, Daddy let go of me and rolled me onto my back with my legs on his shoulders. He held my pussy-lips open with one hand, and with the other he he placed his cock between them. Without any more ado, he thrust his rigid cock inside me. Only about three inches went in, but I screamed as he ruptured my seven-year-old hymen. At first he rocked his cock from side to side. Then he started fucking me properly. Before he finished, I was beginning to enjoy it. Suddenly his balls erupted, and his thick, creamy cum flooded my tiny, tight vagina. I was sore for days afterwards, yet so happy that Daddy was using me as I had seen him use my mother. As time went on, Daddy began fucking me on a regular basis, and was soon calling me his daughter-wife. By the age of ten, my quim could take all of his seven inches, and delighted in being fucked in many different positions. I had my first period when I was fourteen, and Daddy fucked me through it. He had had a vasectomy so as not to impregnate my mother again, could fuck me at any time I needed it. I’ve had several different men as I’ve got older, but none have been as caring and loving as Daddy. I’m getting married in a few weeks’ time, and I don’t know what will happen after that. If I have a son, I’ll certainly introduce him to incest as there is no better stimulus to bringing about an orgasm. All women and girls should practise it for the sake of themselves, and their husbands and sons


22101 - I really want to get fucked by animals and an older man who I can call my daddy. I know it's wrong since I'm 14, but I can't help it! I want my daddy to suck on my boobs and then I would lie down on his lap and he'd get a dog to lick my cunny and then fuck me! and I want to be forced onto my hands and knees and have one dog licking my clit while another fucks me while I suck off a horse. i'm getting really wet and my panties are getting soaked through just thinking about it!