Latest Daughter Made Me Cum Confessions:


23954 - My step daughter caught me dressed up in her moms clothes and jacking off with my biggest but plug deep in my ass. she started blackmailing me so she could pick out the clothes I wear and witch dildo I used on my pussy as she makes me call it now. she came over yesterday dressed as a guy and fucked me with her strap-on. she made me suck it then told me to bend over our coffie table and she raped my pussy so hard and rough I cried. she told me that I am to start wearing make up and a wig when she fucks me and if im a good slut she will let some of her friends use me too. I don't want my wife to find out that her daughter is fucking me like im a whore and thinking about sharing me with friends. but I do love being her bitch and the way she talks to me omg I get so hot. when I cum I cant waite to lick it all up mmmmmmm


14705 - My wife and I were in our bedroom and she gave me a hot blowjob. I came in her mouth and a little on her lips. Just then, her cute 14yo daughter knocked and opened the door. I covered up and she came in to kiss her mom good night. She kissed her mom on the mouth and me on the cheek. I could see a little sperm on her lips and she used her tongue to lick it off. She said good night and left. It made me feel horny again. My wife went to use the bathroom and never mentioned it. I think about it all the time and it still gets me hot. My little stepdaughter tasted my cum.


14971 - I'm a 51 year old mother with a 20 year old daughter. I live alone except when she comes home from college. We're both fairly liberal when it comes to sexual conversations. We have shared a few experiences that each of us had had.

I must admit that I do get turned on when she tells me about her bi experiences. One night we were drinking wine ans got pretty high. We decided to watch a DVD of women together. This was getting me really hot and I wound up fingering myself under the blanket in my chair. To my surprise, I looked over at her and she too was fingering herself, but she wasn't hiding it.

Having the liquid courage in me, I threw off the blanket and spread my legs in the chair. I noticed she would look over at me. With that, I turned in my chair so I would be facing her. I have this really hairy cunt and wondered what a girl her age might think about that. To my surprise, I saw her and she too was hairy. I guess she got that from me.

We both kept masturbating until each of came. I feel guilty sometimes, but other times, it turns me on so much, I find myself masturbating about my daughters hairy cunt. This must sound strange to many. It did to me too in the beginning.

I've never been so turned on and don't know if it's from the taboo part of it or what. All I know is it made me cum hard.

I want to do it again,but don't know if I should mention it.


23047 - For over 20 years, I've been fixated on my former girlfriend's daughter. When I met her, she was 15 and skinny, with big hair and an Attitude that walked in the door 30 seconds before she did. She was about five feet even and maybe 90 pounds and had the most perfect ass I've ever seen. As she got older, she filled out a little but stayed petite and curvy and just as sexy.

Things happened at various times in the relationship with her Mom that had me wondering. One day, when her daughter was seventeen, she brought her into the kitchen and said that her old boyfriend had remarked that the daughter had a really nice ass. Then she asked me what I thought of her ass. I lied and said I hadn't noticed but what could I say? It was so incredibly weird and the tone in which the whole thing was delivered was totally without anger or accusation, as if she were encouraging me to check out her daughter's ass. Later that day, the daughter asked if I'd like to take a look at her ass and said she didn't mind because I'm a man and men look at girls.

She walked around the house constantly in nothing but a t-shirt and panties, her little nipples rock hard and on display, and once, when I had just left the bathroom, she walked by in nothing but a bra and panties - sheer ones, at that - and asked how I liked her underwear. I mumbled something and fled...and then masturbated in the shower and shot off like a fire hose. There were dozens of incidents like this that made me wonder what would happen if...but I wasn't about to act on the impulse.

During this whole time, I was masturbating and cumming furiously and rarely ever thought of anyone but her. I last saw her Mom or her almost twelve years ago and I still get erect just thinking about her. I'm with the woman of my dreams and even having the thoughts makes me feel bad. I'm contemplating exorcism...and I think I'm only half kidding.


20994 - I have a 9 year old daughter and I'm single. I've been dating this nice guy for a few months. As of lately, if my boyfriend wears speedo trunks in our pool ,or lycra biker shorts around the house,usually no jock strap, my daughter has gotten into grabbing his bulge.I was in the house cooking yesterday when I saw her walk up to him out in the yard , him in his biker shorts , and not grab his package , but walk up to him and start feeling it.Naturally it got hard and grew, it fasinated her. He made her quit.Later that night while watching TV my daughter went over to him , and said ,,look mommy as she started feeling his cock again and laughed about it getting hard. I told her to stop, she did . Later she asked us questions , why he had a weiner, why it got big and hard , and why she wasn't supposed to play with it.WE dwcided to give her first hand sex education.We went thru the whole 9 yards as she watched ,the petting the making out the stripping the licking , the sucking and finally him mounting me and shooting off a load of cum, Dam , that really turned me on to fuck and have her watch. WasI wrong ???