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15707 - I am a 63 year old woman. I was chatting online with aa woman. On a sex date site. she told me that she lets her dog fuck her. I got so truned on by it that she talked me in to fucking a dog. I talked to my daughter about it. She agreed to help me. Fuck my sons yellow lab. long story short. I loved sucking his cock, and the feel of his tongue in my pussy.I got down on all fours with my ass up in the air. My daughter help the dog mount me and guide his cock in my pussy. once he was in he knew just what to do and took over. he rammed his big doggie cock in me hard and fast. As the dog fucked me i could feel his knot grow. I pushed back hard and his knot was inside of me. it hurt a first but felt so good in me also. As he came in my pussy we were locked and i had many orgasms. From his knotrubbing my clit many times.Now i have my own dog and I fuck him every day atleast 3 times. Plus he also fucks my daughter now as she licks my pussy.her husband don't know what she does. when she visits me hehehe. We both love dog cock.


20529 - I have just got back from going dogging, I took my daughter in the car with me after a conversation we had about what dogging was and she said she wanted to see. I drove to a well known site and parked up. After about 30 mins a man approached the car and started jacking in front of us Jenny said shit what should we do I told her he was wanting a show. she looked at me and then took off her blouse and bra I started stroking her tits and licking her nipples she took out my hard cock and started wanking me, I whispered I need to fuck you, she just nodded and we got out of the car, I enetered her from behind and began fucking her all the time with a stranger watching, he gradualy got closer and jenny took his cock into her mouth as i continued to fuck her, after about 5 minutes she was getting cum in her cunt and mouth at the same time. Man it was hot.


15228 - Ok so parents have crossed the line and its a tricky legal thing but does it make you a bad father. My girl was 14, blond, tall and slim, and a very quiet mousy teen. She was very pale, stll is, and flat chested, but when she came onto me one morning after my wife went shopping I was in there like a dog fucking a rabbit. She asked me if I thought she was sexy altho she hadn't got much in the way of breats, so I showed her my photos of 18+ teens with no titties. She said she would do the things they did, and I still remember the bliss of watching her take her top off, exposing her flat titties and furry little cunt, and stroking my cock deep into her young cunt as she lay beneath me, long legs wrapped around me, her blond hair all messed up, face all urgent and loving, as I rode her tight young hole gently but firmly. She was shocked at the pint of cum I shot off over her belly and nipples, but soon on her back again, asking for more...after all, only daddy knew how to lick his daughter to orgams using his tongue and then fuck her to another big nasty cum while he ued his cock on his baby girl. She is 18 now, and a slut on the quiet with me. Like some others on hre, my wife has no idea that our only daughter is taking her daddy's cock into each of her adorable young holes.


17636 - .............DEEP DOWN SECRET..............;
(1)Steril since military years,years ago !
(2)Had evil molesting thoughts/temptations.
(3)Once had Oral-Sex w/ a teeni-bopper.
(4)Was raped in the ass by best friend when teen.
(5)Started masturbation when I was 10.
(6)After the Rape,had sex w/the best friends lil' brother.
(7)Told a Base General "F-U"(w/the finger) ETS'n from Army.
(8)F*%ked a maried horror in the ass in Germany.
(9)wacked-off in the fuel-room & boiler room in Service.
(10)Always had this under-lying bi sexual nymphomania.
(11)Sept w/a 16 YO horror in Kentucky.
(12)Watched several eppisodes of Craig Ferguson.
(13)Wacked off a dog once.
(14)Smelled & tasted my step-daughters panties.
(15)Am tempted to drink sperm from used teen condoms.
(16)Like licking girl ass hole.
(17)Think about licking man pussy,(?).
(18)Have had "young-Old" fantassies,but have morals.
(19)Am going to get wife a strap-on so she can do-me.
(20)Have fantassies of having sex w/ neices,etc.,etc..
(21)Wife wants a baby........... !!!!!


18513 - I'm a 50y/o widowed man. I have 3 daughters that are 23, 21 & 16. All three are what any man would call HOT! I've never done anything remotely sexual to any of them. Just not my thing. But...

One night the 21 year old drunk-calls me. She's totally wasted, crying for no reason and wants to know if I'm home. "Of course. It's 4 in the morning!" 20 minutes later I hear the doorbell. There's my kid, leaning against the wall because she can't stand up, laughing her ass off. She's all better now! Her friend (designated driver, thank god) was also standing there. Now I've had a thing for her friend since she was about 16 or 17. She's smoking hot too, since it seems the hot chicks don't hang around ugly chicks. So, I let them in and her friend takes my daughter upstairs to the spare room. I got something to drink and turned on the tv. A few minutes later, down comes her friend. "She's out. I'm going HOME!!!" she says. I told her thank you and stood up to let her out, but she sat down in the chair beside me and let out a big sigh... so I sat back down. Next thing I know she's just staring at me and grinning... then she gets up, walks over, sits down on my lap, starts kissing on me and grabbing my cock. I was in total shock - didn't see it coming - and I was in total heaven! I never even considered she might be interested in me. It was just a few minutes later and we were fucking! I was so turned on that I had to keep stopping just to keep from cumming too soon!

The weird part is that as we were going at it, my daughter comes back from the land-of-the-passed-out and is sitting right beside us before I even realized it! "You bitch! You weren't lying!" she said. But she said it with a grin then leaned and they started kissing! That was it. I came right then and there. (A little later my daughter confessed to being bi. I kinda figured that out when they started kissing, though.)

Anyway, I came and her friend rolled off me and went straight down on my cock and started sucking me off. And then... SO DID MY DAUGHTER! I half tried to get up, but they both pushed me back down and kept going. It felt so damn good that I couldn't really have stopped them no matter how hard I tried. After a few more minutes I'm ready again and we all hit the floor. I start dogging the friend and my daughter lays in front of her friend and her friend starts eating her out. It only took a couple minutes of that and my daughter started whimpering. The friend spins around and pushes me down so that my face is heading to my daughters pussy. Beautiful. Dripping wet... wide open legs and that was it. I was in there and I swear it wasn't 3 licks until she's muttering "Oh god, dad..." and she starts squirting all over my face, which is one thing I absolutely crave in a woman and my kid is one of those that does! Her friend turns around and sits on my daughters face, my daughters hands instinctively grab her ass and pull her tight and the friend is now cumming. Too bad she wasn't a squirter, too. I jumped up to my knees and rammed my cock in my daughters pussy... it was all three of us cumming so fast it wasn't even funny! So, for the next hour or so it was just the three of us fucking and sucking.

None of us is sure how many times we came. Doesn't really matter. Nothing has happened since, either. But I will tell you one thing: ever since that morning... my daughter and I laugh a little louder, hug a little tighter and our kisses goodbye are a little slower and softer.