Latest Drunk Sleeping Sister Confessions:


21198 - So, last night my sister got really drunk. I'm visiting her right now and I'm on an air mattress. She was delaying going to sleep and it seemed for other reasons. She was joking around saying "weiner punch" cuz I was touching her with my feet. Then I eventually got her to lay down on the air mattress. It was weird cuz it seemed like she suddenly fell asleep. Her hand was right by my dick. I've been thinking about her ever since I found somewhat explicit pics on her computer. She was now passed out and snoring at this point so I started rubbing ber arm to see if she was awake. Didn't stir. So I snaked my hand down to her jeans.....which were unzipped!!! I thought she had to have done this on long story short I gently pulled her jeans and panties down rolled her onto her stomach and fucked her til I pulled out and came all over the carpet. She's still sleeping now snoring, and I'm thinking of doing it again. Tell me what you think.


22054 - We had a party last night and my sister in law got way to drunk. I don't know who started it but at one point there were 5 or 6 guys waiting to use her mouth to empty their balls. I did a quick check and found that my wife was sleeping so I got in line. I guess at some point she had taken her false teeth out because they weren't in her mouth. I unloaded in her mouth too and it felt better than any pussy I ever had. I figure at least 8 guys unloaded in her mouth last night, some more than once.


16590 - My step sister and I have a fantastic relationship, we are bestfriends. Nothing sexual has ever happened, except for the playing doctor thing when we were young. I moved away from out hometown a while ago and she seems to drunk dial me all the time lol, anyway about six months ago, she called me up one night and we were having a deep conversation, and we got on the subject of how I've had dreams about having sex with her, and she started teasing me, and not in a bad way! After this night she called the next week and i told her i was masturbating thinking about sleeping with her and she talked with me till i came. We never talked about it again until just now, I sent her a message telling her I think we should sleep together, and asked her what she thought, and she said I'm not answering that, so I asked her if she didn't want to and she said I'm not answering that. I asked her if this bothers her an she said no, just feels weird, good and bad, so all you sisters out there, do you think she wants to sleep with me


16393 - I have a foot fetish and for a while have been trying to find a way to deal with it that was practical. My siser is double my age at around 32. She has in my mind perfect feet. She got hammered one night and I couldn't resist playing with them once everyone was asleep. I fifnished playing with them and cleaned up and slept tight. I only saw her every once in awhile and figured I wouldn't push it. I set rules of conditions in which this could happen again. She had to be drunk or else she could wake up and I had to establish some sort of excuse for why I was there. I got caught one time because I broke both of the basic rules. She went back to sleep, or at least pretenede to without saying anything more than my name. I figured I got away with it and established the two rules above to avoid getting caught. Then the very next time I saw my mom she told me that my sister told her what happened and that no one wanted to talk about it. To this day I don't know what got me caught. I don't know if I didn't clean up properly or if she just feigned sleep. Anyway im still struggling to deal with my fetish and have a hard time saying no to her sleeping feet.


17089 - This is a true confession. I was 12 and my Step sister was 15. We were pretty close, we hung out a lot. I was always so attrated to her. She had a killer body on her, c size tits and a nice round ass, and a very cute face. On weekend nights she would ask me to come to her room and talk. This one night we talked till she fell asleep. I got this horny idea to mess around with her while she slept. I got so excited just thinking about it. So i got up, knelt on the floor next to her bed, i listened for deep breathing, she started to snore, so i knew she was in a deep sleep, she had always been a deep sleeping, it was hard to wake her up for school. My hand slowly slid underneath the covers, i noticed she was sleeping on her stomach. My had went right towrds her waist line, she was wearing pj pants. my hand went slowly down, i slid my hand under the top of her panties, and went even further down. I began to feel her butt crack, i wanted to reach my goal, her asshole, i started going furthur, i was so hard by now. I got to her asshole. I slid one figer to it, i rubed it around a little bit, then pulled it out. I took that finger straight to my nose and there was a beautiful smell, god! it turned me on so bad, i took my cock out right there and began to beat off while i had that yummy smelling finger to my nose. I came all over the place. I got up and went to bed. She never knew what happened. I tried several times to mess with her while she slept after that. I never was as lucky, she would always be sleeping on her back or her side, with her ass side facing the other way. Ever since then i always have a sleep fetish, and i have touched several of my girl friends while they have slept, i even fucked my x girlfriend in her ass while she slept, she was very drunk and was on xanax.