Latest Gay School Boy Confessions:


17475 - Hi everyone, I'm a 16 year old boy from australia and I love to freeball and masturbate.

I freeballed all day today, it was so nice I try to do it as often as I can. Even at school. When I was walking the dogs today, I went past the local shops and I could clearly see people looking at my dick. (both men, women, girls and boys) I got so aroused.
When I got home I masturbated cos I was so horny. The thing is though, when I ejaculate, I love to get my cum and put it in and around my mouth.

It is weird though I definitely know I am not gay because I have no feelings towards men but the stuff I do is kinda gay. Think I might be bi-curious.

Anyway thanks for reading this, if there is anyone out there like me just comment please. :)


20410 - Heres a few instances that have led to current time and im not sure if im gay or just like gay and non gay sexual interactions

(age 14) played touch with two younger boys an older girl in a closet i would pretend to be grabbing the girl and go for the boys penises as i was curious if my size was good or not. i thought nothing really of this until we would begin laying in bed and dry humping this ended tho as they moved away.

(age16) my brother and i would jack off together he said we should suck each other i was reluctant and couldnt get the nerve to do so.

(age18) slept over at my best freinds house. he decided to ask you jerk me ill jerk you? i was soo curious i just said ok and we began, he then asked you suck me illl suck you. we had on condoms and just did it till we came but it was with condoms so i thought this wasnt bad.

this lead to so much more tho we both got addicted to sucking one another and would do it at work school bike trails anywere we could. then his GF found out an he said we couldnt any more she would tell

were now both 19 and he is single as am i broke up three months ago GF cheated got pregnant someone else .. :(

three weeks ago he called me over we were gaming and he just whipped out his penis. i just wanted to suck it right away, i joked and said put it away or you gotta suck me he said only if you do me.. so we 69'd for about an hour going slow to let it last. two days later we sucked each other again and he let me try to anal him he said it hurt tho.

i found my sisters dildo and put a condom on it to practice shoving it in my butt i finally got it in and out multiple time so i called him and let him try it hurt more tho maybe hes too big...

i just wanna share get all this off my chest i feel so gay but its a thrill sucking him off and he does it to me also i love f****** girls but this was a thrill knowing i might get caught.

anyone have advice should i keep doing it? any similar temptaions?


20979 - My boyfriend is a long distance away from me, and I really want sex or even just getting a blowjob would make my day. I've never been fucked or gotten or given head before, so this would be a first :)

I have a friend who I'm into right now. I know I have a boyfriend and it's wrong, but I don't wanna wait for his cock, that would take a year or 2....
Why wait when I could get my friends cock right now?

I've been having fantasies about my guy friend too. I'm gay too, but he's straight--the only thing is, I don't know if he'd be open to doing anything sexual with me... he has a girlfriend as well so I'm gonna see if he's accepting of gays or would experiment with me.

The other thing is, 1) I don't know how to go about asking him if he'd experiment with me, or if he's accepting of gays since I haven't come out to him yet; and 3) The guy I wanna experiment with (my friend who I wanna experiment with) is my best friend's [a girl] ex-boyfriend.... and I haven't ever told her this since it'd probably make her not talk to me again.

Her ex is tall, handsome, gorgeous, and I've even seen him changing in our locker room. I'm in high school--I'm 16, my friend's 15--and in our locker room, I love to see the other cute and sexy boys change from their clothes to their tanned selves with hot muscles and their bulging cocks and EXTREMELY sexy plaid boxer shorts. (Don't ask me why but I have a weird fetish for boys who wear plaid boxer shorts or sleep naked at night, it's a huge turn on for me)


19329 - I'm a 14 yesr old lesbian, and i have fetishes for gay incest and my sister.

It all started when i saw a show about these brothers that were 16 and 21, and i thought 'they'd be a really cute couple', and the thought wouldn't leave me since.

I went on the internet, and searched their names plus incest, and there came stories that other people wrote love stories about these brothers getting it on in a million ways. And I loved it! I read them on my iPhone in school, in the bus, everywhere!

Two or tree years have passesd since I first read one of those stories, and I've never given moral a thought.

I found out that a bisexual female friend of mine have the same fetish. Joy! and with all the male sex we read we missed female contact so we grope eatchother, even in school... in front of other people. we've kissed on the mouth, but just the type a mother would give her son.

Sometimes I masturbate thinking I'm a boy being taken by my (imagindary) brother- and it getes me of so hard.

The whole homo insect thing has gotten so bad that i look at my BABY SISTER the wrong way - she can't even speak! I started becomming disgusted with myself

At least my friend back me up on my wired fetishes. And one telling me to go for it (my sis)- which i WON'T!

Sorry for bad english - not my first languge.


20467 - Hello all of you guys... I am 18 years old. I score top grades (10,16 is my average) because I work hard - quite boring, but insurance for my future. I live in Europe, Denmark - a little, rich, white and really boring country full of young people that are generally beautiful, or at least fit or blond - none of them openly gay (I am not either, I wouldn't dare in this society). My gymnasium is a "healthy" school - thats our motto.
I am quite depressed - being gay, different and intelligent is not a good mix. People tell me I work harder than anyone they know - I work hard because it keeps my needs and feelings at bay so I can keep on going, smiling, being "EVERLYSOHAPPILY". Sometimes I just wanna sit down and cry, because my life is difficult - many people have it a lot worse than me - still. I try to keep a brave face on. Selfesteem issues I have had since forever - my family is loving and supportive, but they are only human, can't solve all of my problems. A couple days after my birthday, when I turned 18 two months ago, a boy (about my age or so) - a very handsome, red hair, muscular boy with stalkingly stange blue eyes - began to flirt with me in a obvious manner. I was on the bus. He just smiled (not mocking or joking, I am a good judge of character and he was definitely for real with me) and he looked really sweet, looking like one of those guys you only see the lucky ones get. He touched my leg with his own leg. I blushed, ofcourse, as I am really shy. I do not feel beautiful myself - brown hair with A LOT of sometimes natural nuances (don't know why, my family wonder too, because their hair is blonde or entirely black), green eyes and about 182 cm. I work out every day to keep myself fit and my friends have told me I should go more on the beach, in far to little clothes. Honestly, only boxes or less just to show off). It's stupid. Still people tell me I am turning into a socalled "handsome man" (a phrase, if you know me as a person, you would know i despise it) which makes me even more depressed, because I can't see it. When the bus stopped. I ran off. I still had 4 kilometers home. I didn't know why, I just started crying as I ran. I ran all of the 4 kilometers. My legs hurt the next days. I hate myself sometimes – it helps to just work out and feel another pain.

I have a severe crush on someone from the other class (I am in the A class) - He's so very completely stunningly beautiful, brown hair (like me) A little more elegantly built than me.
His hair is lovely and unruffled (just as a boys hair should be, so natural and ”touchable”).

(Sorry my use of language, I have been told to formulate myself correctly and politely, but there's no other way of saying it) He has a great long, thin but in a nice way legs, with a perfect a..! When we go to bath after gym (I am not a creepy looker, it's just, you can't NOT notice the naked, blond, sports boys, I am only human! --- and gay) I see the boy that I have a crush on, he has a great (excuse my la

My english is limited. It probaly sounds a bit square. Sorry :( I would describe how sweet he looks (and smells), but I don't know a lot of english words for what I have already written. Maybe he is actually gay (he is a bit more femine and go around more with girls than boys), but I could never ask him. I am not the typical male. I do not only care about sex (a lot of boys only do, I know several). Being able to share my thoughts and happy moments with a beautiful, sweet person would make me happy. Is that really naive? I am only 18, I don't know much about adult relationsships yet.

Maybe I didn't express my feelings very well (I am from Scandinavia, Denmark, there is limits to how much emotion I can display) A lot is going on – being teased years ago and followed years ago for half a year by ninth graders (thought I spoke weirdly, because I use to many forreign words and speak a little femine – not overly gay – just not exactly as normal guys), being gay and not able to be with the one you want and, ofcourse, not knowing what it REALLY is to be gay ----- I am confused. I like boys – love them. I have dream where I have some amazing sex with a lot of the hot guys I meet (or imagine). I often dream about feeling the-boy-I-have-a-yearslong-crush-on's body which is great because he is awesomely hot. Then he turns around and say: ”I love you” and then he starts to kiss me, and then I wake – I always know it's a dream – just don't want to wake up. Then I cry in silence as I have taught myself to do, because it could never be like that ….... rights? I wanna scream my frustration.

”What am I to do? Will anyone ever want me and love me for my person?”

I am thankful for all who wanted to read this. You are lovely people. I hope the best for all of you, and I hope you will understand my situation – no pity or anything else, just try to understand – few ever bother to understand me...