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14224 - I’ve been involved in a extramarital affair with my next door neighbors wife for the last several months, our sexual soiree has progressed to were she is coming over in the afternoon before her husband gets home so we can have sexual intercourse. The last time she was over here we had anal sex for the first time. Then while I was screwing her in her ass and both of us came to a terrific organism she seen her husbands car pull up. Ann didn’t have time to clean up as she quickly put her cloths back then she went home to her waiting husband with her butt full of my sperm!


14279 - I’ve been involve in a extramarital affair for the last few months with my neighbors wife. Yesterday afternoon when I went out to get my mail I seen that she was out side in the commons area of our adjoining town houses. As soon as she seen me she waved at me then she came over to talk to me. That’s when I seen that she was coyly smiling like the cat that ate the canary and knew that her husband must be at work again and she had the afternoon free and as ready for a little company. When she said Hi to me she asked me how I was, I teased her and whispered to her “I’m horny!” as soon as she heard my sassy remark she grinned and whispered back to me “Want me to come over? I’ve got a little extra time today!” I told her “I’ll leave the door was open,” then I went in my town house and got undressed as I waited for her. A few minutes later I head her open the patio door then she come in. When Ann seen I was already naked, she was all smiles and came over by me because she knew I would take her cloths off.

First I unbuttoned her blouse and pushed it back off of her shoulders and she let it fall to the floor. Then I opened her shorts and unzipped them and they dropped down to her ankles and she stepped out of them! Now all she had on was her bra and panties so I made her turn around so I could get to her bra get it unsnapped and it was loose she turned and faced me as she carefully held her bra in place covering her nice tits until I was seated in my favorite chair as soon as I was seated she slowly removed her bar teasing me as she slowly exposed her nicely shaped tits.
As soon as she was braless I could tell when she sexually excited also because her nipples were hard and sticking straight out. Ann came over to me sat on my lap facing me so she could push her boobs in my face and I could suck on them! While I sucked on her tits I nibbled on her hard nipples bitting them gently, and she put her hand down between her legs and played with my cock rubbing it on her panties, then she pulled her panties aside and exposed her pussy so I could fuck her, my erect cock just slide into her wet pussy and we started fucking. After a few minutes of screwing her with my cock deep inside of her she sat up and smiled at me then she carefully got up off on me and stood in front of me so I pushed her panties down to her knees and expose her nicely shaven pussy. Ann finished taking her panties off and got down on the floor between my legs and put her hands on my thighs and looked up at me, as soon as our eyes meet I knew what she wanted and put my hand on the back of her head and using her hair I pulled her to me, first she kissed my erect penis a few times then she opened her warm wet mouth as I pulled her closer to me and put my cock in her mouth then I told her “suck it!” I have to confess Ann really knows how to pleasure a man and she gives one of the best blow jobs ever, she really puts on a show, looking up while she is doing it! There is just something so sexy watching and listening to the sucking sounds she makes while she is sucking on my cock! I know she wants me to come in her mouth so she can swallow all of it, there is just something so exciting knowing that Ann will be going home soon to her husband after swallowing my sperm with the scent of my cock on her breath when she greets him.


14685 - A few weeks ago I started having a affair with my ex-wife.
Early last Saturday morning a little after 6:00 AM she called me and asked if I was awake then she asked me if wanted some company. I told her “I’m still in bed, sure come on over I’ll leave the door open just let yourself in.” then I told her “Are your wearing something nice and sexy for me?” Lois knew I was teasing her about being unfaithful to her new husband and told me “You’re a such dirty old man, I don’t know what I see in you but I’m already on my way I’ll be there in a few minutes.” I knew she was in her car so I got up and unlocked the door and went back to bed and only had to wait for about 5 minutes before she let herself in and came in my bedroom. After a quick good morning kiss Lois went into the bathroom when she came back in the bedroom all she was wearing was pretty pair of low cut bikini panties. I told her “Let me see how your butt looks in those pretty panties, you know I always liked your cute butt” Lois smiled at me then she slowly turned so her back was toward me then she seductively pushed her panties part way down and showed me how her bare butt! then she slowly turned and faced me and pushed the front panel of her panties down so I could see that she had waxed her bikini area leaving just a nice little strip of her pale naturally blonde pubic hair, I told her “Oh that looks good! Nice pussy!” Lois smiled at me and bent over and took her panties off then she lightheartedly tossed them at me knowing full well I would keep them. Then Lois got in bed with me and pressed her naked body against mine and put her hand down on my crotch! then Lois pushed the covers down so she could watch as my cock then she wrapped her fingers around it and started stroking it. While she played with me I started french kissing her and my penis became fully erect, then I took a hand full of her hair and forced her head downward to my crotch and told her “Come on show me how you used to suck on it!” Lois knew what I wanted her to do and got up on her knees and put her lips on the head of my cock, then I push my hard cock into her warm wet mouth! Lois had lots of experience sucking on my cock and started teasing me with her tongue while she did it. I laid back and enjoyed her mouth bot I knew why Lois really came over to my place, it was because she wanted to have anal sex! I knew Lois just loved a good butt fucking so before she got here I made sure I had a tube of KY jelly lubricant close by. While she was sucking on my cock I reached over and got the tube of lubricant. When Lois looked up at me she seen I had a tube of KY in my hand, I asked her “Let me do it in your butt!” Lois knew what to do and got in position on her knees and put her butt up in the air and her head down on the bed. When she was ready I spread her butt cheeks apart then I squeezed some lubricating jelly on her puckered up ass hole. Then I got into position on my knees behind her and put the head of my erect cock against her lubricated sphincter muscle, I was ready and held still while Lois pushed her hips toward me, as she increased the pressure between us she forced my hard cock into her tight ass hole! As soon as the head of my cock penetrated into her rectum I slowly moved my hips forward pushing my herd cock into her tight ass, in a minute my entire erect cock was all the way up inside of my ex-wife’s nice tight ass! Lois gasped a little then she moaned with sexual pleasure now that my cock was deep inside of her tight warm ass! I paused and looked own at how Lois had her ass cheeks pressed tight against my hips now that my entire cock was up inside of her. I put my hands on her hips and got a good grip on her bare ass then started having anal intercourse with her, in a minute I was really slam fucking her ramming my hips hard against her and the impact caused shock wave ripples to spread across her butt cheeks when my hips met. Every time I shoved my cock deep into her ass hole a new ripple would spread outward, after a few minutes of heaving fucking Lois cried out very vociferous as she experienced a huge sexual organism and pure sexual ecstasy over took her causing her entire body started to tremble. When we finally finished having sex I was elated that she had so enjoyed our sexual tryst, but best of all knowing that she was going home to her new husband with a load of my sperm up in her sweet ass! I really enjoyed watching her bare ass giggle when she got up and went into the bathroom to clean up. While she cleaned up in the bathroom I hung her pretty little bikini panties on my bedroom door as evidence of her complete unfaithfulness to her husband! when Lois left my place to go home it was only a little after eight AM. As she left Lois admitted she had experienced one of the best sexual organisms she had years and I knew she would return for more.