Latest Molesting Young Girls Confessions:


22222 - I was molested when I was a little girl and now I find myself wanting to share details with someone as they touch me. I really want to pee while someone rubs my clit, since this was done to me at a very young age. I feel guilty for feeling this way but the memories are so vivid, and I guess since I've grown up, being taken advantage of or coerced excites me.


10549 - When I was young preteen boy. I fantasy myself as being molested and raping by older teen female babysitter. And today at 30 years old. I still do fantasy about it.

At seperate times. I actually had two older girls show me their "stuff" when I was 8 and 9 years old. Both of them was like 14 or 15 years old mind you... Both of them are still my best moments in my lifetime!!! :o)


10286 - From ages 9 to 13 I had a sexual affair with my uncle. He would dress me up as a girl and have sex with me and take me out on dates. He also took me to secret pedo parties with other guys who had kid lovers; I went to about 16 of these orgies and had sex with adults and kids alike. It stopped when he went to prison when I was 13, but I still masturbate thinking about them over twenty years later. I don't consider myself "molested" or "victimized", just "overstimulated at a young age". I know my own kids are sexually experimenting, but I just ignore it and let them do what they want.


19598 - I was molested by a babysitter when I was younger. My parents hired a young girl to stay with me when they would go out for an evening, the older lady who had watched me had moved to another town and this girl was was daughter of their friends. I was an only child and both of my parents were very protective of me.

Before putting me to bed when she sat with me, she always gave me a bath. During her washing me in the tub she played particular attention to getting my dick very clean. I would get so hard with her washing me that it actually hurt.

I would still be extremely hard when she put me in bed and she always asked me if it was hurting, and it actually was hurting. She would say she wanted to make it feel better. At first she would just rub it with baby oil and bring me to a dry ejuclation after which I would go down. Later, while sitting me when this happened and it would be hurting, she would ask me if she could kiss it and make it better. From then on she always fellated me to climax after which always relaxed me to sleep. Even though she was only a few years older older than I, she somehow made me feel embarassed to tell my parents what was happening to me because I liked it so much.

When I got older and started going out with girls I saw her once and found out from her that she was engaged to an oler guy. I would have liked very much to have dated her. After I no longer was left with a sitter, I had many masturbation fantasies about all she used to do to me.


22223 - I was molested as a little girl by my half brother who was 8 years older than me. I have vague memories of things he did to me hurting, but I mostly just remember it feeling really good. The ongoing experience made me a very sexual little girl. As young as six, I would scissor with my neighbor and cousin. I thought giving my brother a blowjob was gross because it was where he peed from and I didn't realize until many years later that the salty part was him cumming in my mouth. He did the same thing to all my girl cousins and probably the boy cousin too before I told my mom and she made him stop. I remember being obsessed with wanting him to cum in me and make a baby when I was like 7-10 years old.

Now as an adult, I am so turned on by a lot of things caused by this experience. I haven't talked to that brother in years because in addition to the sexual violation, he also physically and verbally abused me. But I am so turned on by incest now. Particularly thoughts of my dad fucking me. He always walked around in just his briefs and I could see the outline of his massive cock. My dad is black so that gives you an idea. I remember as a teen wanting to fuck my dad so bad. Now I'm I'm my late 20s. I dont think it's going to happen because he is a really religious guy and knows what happened with my moms son and feels guilty that it happened. Everytime I fuck myself I think of riding my dad and just as he's about to cum say "no, daddy, cum inside me." I want his big cock to stretch me open and cum deep in me. He's also muscular and strong so I want him to hold me down as he does it. Hes illuded to the fact that he and my mom don't have sex anymore, but he's never openly even talked about sex with me before. I wish this fantasy could come true, but it doesn't seem likely.