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18460 - Continued!!! After my dad got back from his hunting trip he could no longer keep my mom sexually satisfied! When he leave for work my mom get me up to go to their room so we could watch my cock sliding in and out of her! We had the best sex we ever had! It so hot watching my semen leak from her well fucked pussy! After about a month of us doing it she got knocked up by me and had to get an abortion cause my dad had balls snipped. We still have sex about twice a month. I told her about the pills I gave her and she wants to do it again cause she said that was the horniest she ever felt!!!!


18454 - One time my dad went on a hunting trip to West Texas with a couple of his friends and my mom and I alone for the weekend! Me and mom smoked pot alot back then. My buddy got me a bag of weed for the weekend and four extasy pills! Friday night I was drinking beer and smoking a little when my mom came out on the porch and took a few hits off of a doobie with me. We got a little stoned and laughed a little bit. She went to watch tv in her room for a while and I thought about those pills my friend got for me! I took one and started feeling like I was in a dream. I was wandering how I could slip my mom one without her knowing! I crushed two of them up real fine and put in a small bag! I went and told her I was going to smoke again and she came out on the porch and we smoked a whole joint!!! We got the cotton mouth and I told her was getting a beer did she want anyting. She told me to bring her a glass of orange juice. When poured the orange juice I put both crushed pills in it. I came back to the porch and gave her the glass and watched her take a big gulp! I was hoping she couldn't taste the bitterness of the pills. We sat for a while and she started getting giggley saying that was some good pot! She got up and said she was going to bed and said good night! I was wandering if she could feel the pills are not. After about 45 minutes I went to get another beer and walked by her bedroom door and noticed it was cracked open about two inches I opened it a little more and omg my mom was laying in bed with her red panties pulled to the side fingering her hairy twat! My cock came alive! I left her door and to my room to think about what I just saw. My cock was throbbing and telling me to go have my way with her! I stripped down naked and went back to her door and went in. I got down on my knees and eased up betweet her legs and started to lick. She opened her eyes and said we couldn't do this it was wrong but god it felt so good and grabbed me by my hair and told me to eat her pussy! I started eating her out and fingering her with two fingers. After about five minutes she yelled she was cumming and squirted about three times. She got up and threw me on her bed climbed on top reverse cowgirl style. She has full mirror on the wall at the foot of her bed and we could watch ourselves! That was hot watching my cock plowing into mom. After about 15 minutes I creamped her so hard about a gallon ran out!


13992 - I am a 19y.o. female that has been madly in LUST with my dad. I have had these feelings for close to four years now, I've had dreams of him plunging deep into me and filling my hole (no creampies, I'd rather have his cum covering my face and nipples). I have flirted with him for a while by making jokes, showing my ass and tits to him and once I am pretty sure my playing around was the cause of a big erection in his jeans which made him leave to go jerk off in his room. I listened to his soft moans and my pussy got so wet and my clit bounced so much from excitement I thought it would pop!!
Last night I finally got the courage up to make moves. My mom is a nurse and works 12 hour shifts so once she was gone I stripped off my clothes and freshened up my ponoch put on a really loose fitting skirt, no bra and a white T shirt that fit tight on my 32C tits. My dad was resting in our den laying on the couch facing a chair next to the TV. I went in and sat in the chair very nervous. I have always been able to talk to my daddy openly so I asked him If I could ask him some personal sexual questions because I wanted to find out from someone that I felt comfortable with. He sat up and turned down the TV to give me all of his attention and I felt a knot in my throat and my mouth went dry. I started by telling him I have made out with a few guys but never went any further than kissing and petting and lately I have been more than curious to taste, stroke and ride a dick. At this point I could tell he was as nervous about where this was headed as I was letting him in on it. He asked me to describe what I needed his help for? I paused then asked him if I could see his dick and watch him stroke it. At first he looked like he had just been asked to fix the economy with his next pay check but after a few seconds he said "if I am for real and this will never get back to my mother, sure" that he should be the first to show me these things. He left the room and returned with a pair of boxers, a Tee shirt in his hand and a Porno"Foot Lovers". I sat on the chair facing him on the couch, the movie started he got to his favorite scene, laid back and began stroking it. He told me to show my feet, I had never been asked that but figured I just painted them and I thought they were cute so what the hell. I laid back lift my skirt and shirt up and began rubbing my clit and all my wettness up and down my slit. My daddy's dick was not as large as I thought it would be but none the less I still wanted it in me and this was part of the plan. Daddy asked me if I liked it and I asked him if I could touch it. He said Yes and my heart skipped a beat. I got on my knees in front of him and stroked it. I guess I started to hard and fast as daddy slowed me down and repositioned my hand. I was amazed at how hard yet soft his penis was as this was the first dick I have ever touched. At first I didn't want to look him in the eye but I couldn't resist as this was what I have wanted for 4 years now. I , finally looked up at him. He asked me if there was anything else I wanted? I told him I want a full experience. He stopped me and asked me if I was really sure? I said yes. He said he didn't want me to regret this one day or tell someone that he took advantage of me. I assured him that this is what I wanted and I leaned down and started sucking his dick. My dad then moved me so he would have a good view of my feet and ass as I sucked his dick. My pussy was burning with desire and my juices ran down my thighs as I sucked his dick. He told me to point my toes because he liked the wrinkles on the soles. I did it and he sighed with delight said that my feet were prettier than my mothers feet. Then he pulled his dick out of my mouth and bent down on the floor behind me to lick my juices and my throbbing pussy. It took maybe 45 seconds of licking for me to fall weak under the waves of my orgasm, he sucked my hole like he was trying to get all the cum off my walls it felt so good. I turned over onto my back with my legs spread, toes pointed toward him. He put the head of his dick to the entrance of my pussy and I got that nervous feeling all over again. It hurt just as good as it felt for all of 2 minutes but I didn't let him know because I didnt want to break the moment and I had him where I had fantasized him being for 4 years. His thrust made me feel full. I loved that and asked him to pump faster. He closed his eyes and kept telling me how good I felt and how beautiful I was his hands rubbed the wrinkles under my feet, his balls slapped against my asshole. Then he asked me if he could cum on my feet I said "yes baby"in a sexy helpless voice. He pulled out just as I started feeling contractions and came on my feet. I pulled one to my mouth and licked the cum off it, but quickly found out I dont like the taste of cum. I got the jones in my bones out. Now if my daddy ask me in the future I will do it but I am going to wait for him to make the next move.--Diane