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16063 - Me and my nieces have always had a close relationship especially when kayleigh snogged me and i cant shake the feeling of arousal when i see her in skimpy outfits,i just want to fuck her? Is this wrong?


17749 - 8 years ago i fucked my sister on her 40th birthday and ever since she hasn't spoke to me much.I don't care too much and would do it again tomorrow but i miss seeing the 2 nieces i have


23575 - On Thanksgiving Day I ate my two little nieces' pussies. They are three and five. We had finished dinner, so I carried the girls up stairs to play on my computer. Their mom and dad stayed downstairs watching football. After playing on the computer, I had them lie on my bed with their dresses pulled up. I slipped off their panties and tongue-fucked both of them. Then I had the 5-year-old jerk me off in her little sister's mouth.


18509 - I've been mulling over whether I should tell my wife about an affair I've had with her niece over the last two months. I feel guilty about cheating on her and have just found out her niece will be staying with us over the xmas period.
Her niece visits regulary and visited a couple of months ago when I was off work. I get on great with her and her 1 year old son and really enjoy the playful interaction with him.
She knows I like him being around and I think she likes him having a male figure in his life.
I wasn't expecting the come on she gave me when her son fell asleep and was put in our spare bedroom. It was blatant and to the point.
She was sat on one of our couches when I came back in from the kitchen, her legs apart, her panties pulled to one side and her other hand was masterbating her very wet pussy.
Her next statement was just as blatant.
When she said "Do you want to fuck me".
I was shocked, but I was also turned on by what I was looking at and the invitation.
It was only when her son woke three hours later, did our sexual afternoon stop.
We'd done almost everything sexually to and with each other I can think of. The sex was simply the best sex I have ever had in my life.
Over the next three weeks she would phone me and find out when she could call round, at every opportunity we would find time to have sex together.
Things slowed down, not because she wanted to, but because I did because I had begun to feel extremely guilty.
We did and have had sex over the last five weeks, but not as frequent.
I know it was my wife's idea to invite her niece around this xmas, but I can't help thinking it was her nieces idea. She knows my wife has to work on six of the nine days she will staying, and I know for sure she will want to share my bed.
The question is, do I tell my wife now before xmas and spoil xmas altogether or do I except her niece coming round and knowing I'll be fucking her...???


13278 - OK, my niece (my wifes brothers daughter) has been coming on to me ever so subtly for the last few years, she is 26, and I gotta tell you Im starting to think it might be worth the chance she is HOT. At first I thought it was just me, and worried that I was a sick fuck since I have known here since she was 7. If she came right out and asked I know I would do whatever she wanted!!