Latest Pantyhose Confessions:


14189 - I am also a married man who likes wearing panties and pantyhose. Fortunately my wife doesn't mind - in fact she is turned on by watching me wanking in her pantyhose. She also likes videoing it and later we masturbate together watching it on the screen.


17873 - I love to take little white poodle's anally while wearing pantyhose and singing to MC Hammer. Sometimes i even fondle my pet frog. I am one lucky bastard.


17422 - Last week when I was on a trip, I decided to live up my fantacy. I love the feeling of pantyhose, so I had one afternoon completely open where I had no appointments. So I drove to the nearest department store and bought a couple pairs of pantyhose and rushed back to my hotel toom. I put on the first pair and could hardly hold off from feeling my self and stroking one off. I walked around in the room with them on and looked at how sexy my legs looked in the mirror and ohhhhh loved the soft feeling. Then went to the bed pulled up some pantyhose porn and stroked away to my hearts content. After that I rested for a few minutes and watched TV then got horny again, at this time I decided to try the other pair on, put it on and repeated the whole routine again. Kept on stroking away until my balls and dick were sore, then finally fell asleep in the bed all naked except for my pantyhose. I think I will relive this soon.


18871 - I'm a male in a school that loves to see the girls where tight black yoga pants. I just love it when the pants are deep up their butt crack. I dream of sticking my face so deep in their butt and "motorboating" their butt cheeks.

Another major turn on is when they wear pantyhose. Whenever I see a girl in hose I just want to flip her on her back right there in the hallway or classroom, grab her feet and start sucking on her toes while my raging H/O is ripping a whole in the pantyhose right to the sweetspot!!! . . . but alas, I can't do any of this (guess why!)


23810 - My mom long ago was a bit of a promiscuous person. I grew up in a family of older girls and a few of mom's lesbian girlfriends. My sister's shared bedrooms and for the most part were forbidden to have friends over except girlfriends. As the youngest of five, I often would hear things I didn't understand. Mom and the older girls always liked to dress up and have pillow parties. Giggling and whispering all in lingerie like camisoles, negligee's or panties,bras and 5 inch high heels. Mom owned a small tall women's shop that specializes in the most risqué fashions. I worked there as a stock clerk and my sisters also. Soon growing I developed a serious fetish for the expensive exclusive lingerie. At first,the smooth, sensuous feel of the satin slips and Woford's pantyhose.High heels followed. The wearing of these penis protruding pantyhose and such were encouraged by 'All in the family'. One evening wearing my sexiest pantyhose and high heels and bra and matching panties, I was clicking along the all wood floors in the hall of our large country home. Most all the doors in the home were open of unlocked. I heard my mom and sisters together watching DVD's on the big screen in mom's large bedroom. "Look at little brother jerking off in those nylons mom" I was shocked to realize they had placed at camcorder in my room behind a one way mirror! Oh my God! They were all making comments on how sweet I looked and how they would enjoy copulating their own bother! I pushed the door open in mom's room forgetting I was dressed up in my nylons and heels. "What the hells is going on I yelled,you've been watching and filming me"! Mom immediately told me to calm down and lay on her bed and watch myself in the pantyhose with the vibrator on my penis. "Oh my goodness! Don't you look so hot son"! I stared at the TV as my penis hardened. "Does the pantyhose feel nice against your little penis honey"? Y-yes, I guess I confessed. Just then mom rubbed her nylon clad legs on mine. "How's that baby? As my sister's all stared at the scene.I-I oh mom! I exclaimed, don't do this! This is wrong! "You mean to say you don't like the nice feel of our nylons rubbing against each other's pantyhose"? Just then my sisters all started to kiss each other as mom caressed my smooth legs."No! This is incest! It-it isn't r-right! "Oh, son-please, just watch and enjoy!" Reluctantly, I watched as mom bought out a shiny dildo-vibrator. "Now, take the pretend penis and give mom's sweet pussy a good fucking son"! Mom, I cannot!"Are you filming this"? Yes baby, now watch.Mom took the wet dildo and slipped it in her pussy right there in front of all! In and out, the sound of the puedo-cock was titillating! She handed it to me and said" Give mom's pussy a.nice fucking son-please! I took it from her and first took a taste of mom's secretions from it. "Like the taste of your own mothers cunt"? -Yes mom, I slowly slipped it in her soaked vagina. Ohh...yes baby. I withdrew the plastic and quickly replaced it with my penis though a small opening in my pantyhose. "Oh mom! I didn't know you had it in you"?