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20475 - Hi i'm making a confession about a lot of things I kinda also want to talk to other people about them my email is 1. fansatny/confession i would like to be raped by a she male ,male, or GIRL WITH A STRAP ON! 2. confession i want to have sex with my mom but scared/nervous about asking her about I would like totalk to other people about this stuff and I want to be molested but rape and molested role play


22674 - I cant stop lusting after my mom! She drives me crazy,always wearing lowcut tops and tight shorts around the house! My mom kinda looks like sharon osbourn,but more petite! Today,she is wearing the tightest pair of white shorts! She has such a cute little ass! Her top shows alot of her creamy cleavage! Im dying to rip her clothes off and fuck her sensless!! My cock is hard as hell,just thinking about her! Should I rape her?


13113 - I was 12 years old and 6 foot tall when I decided that I couldnt restrain my growing lust for My Mom's sexy fit body.
Mom was 30 years old and divorced 5-1 tall a uk size 8 with an amazing pair of 38 E boobs that night I entered her bedroom as she was asleep and I used my greater strength to hold her down on the bed as tore off her nightie and slide my cock deep inside her waiting warm pussy Mom was begging and pleading with me to stop but I just laughed at her and carried on raping her.
When I had finished Banging her brains out I told Mom that from now on I was going to be sharing her bed and having sex with her.
That was 5 years ago now Ive had sex with Mom more than 20000 times in total and now days Mom begs me to have sex with her


14461 - I was raped and I got pregant and did not tell my mom I had the baby gave it up to some one that I trust and i see my little girl everday and I even get to keep her own weekends and my mother dosen't know any thing I though that the baby is nine months old and doing good why mess thing up its fine the way it is.


19639 - I helped a guy blackmail my mom when i was 19 i met this guy randy through a friend of mine to get some weed we went to this house and went in the back door and then he told me to take anything that looked like it was worth anything WE WERE ROBBING THE PLACE after we left we went to his place and droped the stuff off and he gave me some weed he said he wanted to go to my house and i said yea i guess so so we went to my place and my mom was home and he told me she was hot for a mom i told him to fuck off she is my mom he ask if i thought she would fuck him i told him he needed to leave thats when he said to my mom hay your son and i just robbed a place on the west side and i might tell the cops we did it unless you can tell me why i shouldent mom ask me about it and i told her it was true but i dident know thats what we were doing untill it was done she ask randy what he wanted he said he wanted to fuck her just once the went back and forth about it and mom finaly said ok but just once she went to shower and randy said if i did as he said he would never tell the cops i said mom is going to fuck you what else do you want he told me to take some pics for him mom came out with a towl arond her and said ok come on randy told me to get the pics or else he started by licking moms titts and sucking them then told her to suck his cock i took all the pics i could as they had sex when he was ready to leave he took the camera from me and told us both he would see us soon mom ask what that was about and i told her she started to cry and ran to the bath room to shower again then went strate to bed the next day when i got up i heard mom crying and i knocked on her door and randy said come in i throue the door open and randy was ass raping my mom i jumped on him and we fell to the floor mom screemed at me to stop randy got up and kicked me in the face then told my mom witch he refured to as bitch to suck his cock while he told me how things were going to be from now on he said that my mom was going to do everything he told her to and i was as well he ask if we had a video cam i said no then he ask my mom and she said yes he told me to get it he wanted some video of his bitch i did as he said then he made mom ask him to ass rape her again as i taped it i had to watch him use her and hear her begg him to fuck her like a whore and tell him how good it felt now i am 23 and randy is still raping my mom and blackmailing me and my mom i now have a little brother that is randys son and my mom has been gang fucked while i video all of it and its all my falt the problem is i am starting to get into it and i think mom is to i get so horny seeing her used and begging for more that i have to jack off after i am done with the video i think i would like to join randy in useing my own mom she is realy sexy you know