Latest Real Incest Confessions:


17964 - I'm a 19 year old girl and I love incest. I'm constantly masturbating to the thought of it and I almost wish something would happen in real life, but if it did, I don't know how I'd react.


21442 - I have a big interest in incest related sex as I have had several incestuous relationships in my past. I would like to share some of those with a lady who has had similar expereiences. I can be emailed at (not my real name obviously)and I promise to share the juiciest details with you.


20840 - I am a young gay man who is very interested in incest between consenting adult males. I love reading gay incest erotica online and have written some of my own. I came to this site to read about father/son stories, but I'm not sure how many are real. I love watching porn videos of the Peters twins, those gay eastern European twins who have sex with each other. I'd love to watch brothers or a father and son have sex in person.


20165 - I love my Auntie me and herself have been fooling around for some time it started out as fun just kissing now and again with "accidental" brushes of our bodies but matured into fucking anywhere we could! we love the fact its wrong thats what makes it hot! I would love to know others and share stories! get real kinky! is my email address please no time wasters I want to share and care with other dirty incest lovers x


19366 - Im 23 and I only orgasm when I pretend a 80yr man or my daddys fucking me or wanking over me. Im desperate for an old man to admit he wants to act this out, pretending im 7yrs old and hes 80 tho. Real, forbidden and HONEST TABOO..with a puppy licking my pussy aswell