Latest Satin Panty Confessions:


13102 - I'm sitting here wearing my satin panties. I love reading these hot confessions and playing with myself. I would love my wife to walk in and catch me.


13095 - I just received my delivery from Victoria's Secret...4 sexy pair of panties. I enjoy wearing panties around the house. I would love to have my girlfriend and I to have a wild foreplay session while I'm wearing a pair of black, satin panties.


15138 - I wear panties 24/7.Nylon satin,no(cotton) tighty whities for me.All I have in my draw are "PANTIES". They keep me half HARD all day,leaking pre-cum keeping my panties wet.Then when I get home I "CUM" in my panties,and keep wearing them! Nothig better than wet panties!


13473 - I needed to open what has been hidden for some time. It all began while I was in school. I was always sexually aroused by panties but not more so than when I tried them on for myself. As a boy the way I could lay my hands on them was to help myself to moms draw of satin beauties,my favourite being the black and the pink. I should have known then that I was gonna turn out to be sheboy but all I longed for was juicy boner inside my butt filling me with hot cream. I wanked a lot but always came when I shoved objects up my ass. I began wearing moms panties to school and always looked at the boys and felt a tingle at my crotch. I have a pretty boy face and could tell that the hoped i was a girl, they did not know my secret. Then oneday one boy at school asked to stay over at his house so we can study together. I accepted but afraid because I was a fulltime panty wearer. I decided to go wearing pink satin panties under my tight jeans,this made me really horny,because i could see my panty line thru my ass tight jean


17464 - Hi there,so i live in new orleans and went to the city park trails off of harrisson ave.i went for a random walk on the trails and went into an area where there was tall bamboo i pushed through the overgrowth and went down the path it got narrower and more concealed with the overgrown weeds. as i pushed further in there was a guy back there just waiting in the back. i pushed into where he was thinking it would go further but was a dead end.i asked him about the trails and as i was looking at the bamboo he reached out and touched my shorts and rubbed my cock.i was freaked out but it felt good being hidden back int he woods and getting hit on.he rubbed me thru my shorts for a while and i told him it felt good.he then pulled my zipper down and pushed his hands into my shorts.he started feeling me and then looked up and smiled at me when he realised he was feeling satin and that i was wearing panties.he rubbed me thru my purple satin panties then pulled my cock out from the side of the panties and out my zipper.he got down on his knees and started sucking me off.he kissed my cock and rubbed it on his face and i got turned on and told him what a good cocksucker he was.i felt so hot getting sucked off in the woods and this guy knowing i was out in panties.after he made me cum he kept sucking and milking me,i could'nt take any more and walked out of the bamboo up a hill and down another i was walking out i saw something against a tree and was like saying no way to myself,i bent down and picked up a pair of small brown boyshort panties with polka dots.i stuffed them in my pocket got in the car and went home.i could'nt believe i just got sucked off and found panties in the same time that of course i pulled those panties over my face and sniffed the smell of asshole in them as i jerked off into my purple satin panties.this was just 8-19-11 would love to play with any panty guys in new orleans-