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11482 - Well, I am not sure how to start this. I am a 30 something guy who has been dating a women with 3 kids for about 4 months. The oldest is 16, then 14 and 12. All girls.
Last week, her and I were in bed. We were naked and just playing "slap and tickle". All of the sudden, the 14yr old comes into our bedroom asking if she can jump into the bed with her mom/us. I am looking at my GF like what the fuck when she says yes. Her daughter strips naked and gets into the bed between us. At this point I am freaking out. We lay there for a couple minutes having uncomfortable conversation. Then all of the sudden her daughter says "can I mom, pleeeeease". My GF says yes and the next thing I know, her daughter goes down under the covers and starts playing with/sucking my dick. As I am freaking out my GF informs me that she is a "hedonist". I have no idea what that is but her daughter was going to town on my dick. I ended up blowing my wad in the girls mouth while I kissed her mother. Come to find out, she has sex with all her daughters and they all want me to have sex with them. I have never been interested in underage girls. However, It seems I have stumbled onto the number 1 dream of all men. I have major guilt about not calling the cops but at the same time I have won the lottery. Argh! What should I do? I am looking for advice. No need for all you haters to flame me.


19415 - I am 33 black female. I love sex & love to masturbate. I do it daily sometimes 3 to 4 times in a day. I have a very wild & vivid imagination. I read sites such as this one, erotic stories, and watch porn. my absolute fav porn is gay male porn! I can nutt for hours watching men fuck. OMG!

I don't have any real hangups on sex & will likely try anything once. but most recently I have began having fantasies about things I know that I would never in life do for real. one of them is dare I say, underage/preteen boys and girls. I have no desire at all in my daily everyday life to do anything harmful or illegal to a child. I actually am not even aroused when I am around children at all.
However, when I am really horny I love to read confessions & stories of how older men & women would mess with kids & especially their own sons or daughters. It's so erotic to me when I read these stories that I am drippin wet & my clit & nipples are rock hard. I well rub the fuck out of my clit while fantasizing about these things happening. to the point that I sometimes want to jst sit and talk to a pedophile & have he/she tell me things face to face while the both of us masturbate each other to the thoughts of it.
Like I cant even explain how fucking hard I cum when reading stories or hearing about it. And if the underaged child is actually loving it or the one doing the seducing...orgasmic overload!! Sometimes feel bad that I can get off so damn good to something so wrong. but once my horniness has passed I dnt even think about anything like that & would probably try to kill someone if they messed w/ my niece, nephew or my godchildren. I'm very protective by nature. so if in my personal everyday life I would never do or condone this behavior, how is it that the very thing I don't approve of is what can turn me on completely & have my pussy jumping & throbbing & cumming for hours? Is it ok to have fantasies about things you know u would never do?


20839 - When I was 8, mum and I visited a family on an Easter Break. Our Family friends own a farm and have a son and a daughter. Graham was 12 and Esther was 8. Graham being three years older than Esther and I, was the pack's leader, getting us to do everything that interests him, with less considerations on Esther's and mine interests, always role playing stars and leaving Esther and I playing the bad guys.

It was on a Tuesday when Mum and the friend's parents were out off the farm for the whole day that the three of us were playing in the sand pit. Graham and I were bare chested with only our shorts on, while Esther had a tight t'shirt, revealing her tiny budding titties and a short jeans skirt.

As I was fiddling with a toy truck in the sand I noticed Esther's eyes piercing directly in between my froggy crouched legs. I followed her stare by looking in between my crouch only to see that my little 3 inch flaccid penis had slipped out of my shorts.

Esther quickly removed her eye contact as quickly as I tried to straighten up. As a child I took no notice of Esther's sexuality and did not had any sexual emotions.

As usual Graham got all the good toys and left Esther and I bored, just spectating Graham, when suddenly Esther pinched me on my arm. She quietly whispered into my ears "Follow me".

With Graham so caught up with his sand pit dreamworld, he did not notice Esther and I silently slipping away. When entering the house Esther spoke to me in undertone, "Graham is so childish and selfish, do you want me to teach you something more interesting?", "And what would be that?" I asked."Dad and Mum's game" she replied as she was opening the door to her parent's room.

Without me giving my consent Esther quickly made sure the door was locked, walked up next to the Bed and started undressing. "Wooow! whats happening?" I asked staring at her naked body. "lets play Dad and Mums game" she said. "H-How do we play Dad and Mum's Game" I asked."Don't you worry, I'll teach you, but first get yourself out of this shorts" she commanded as she sat on the Bed.

With me very anxious in learning this new game involving nudity got me feeling itchy down below. I looked down to see my penis starting to grow. "Hmmm! that's a nice penis you've got" Esther said quietly stretching her arms towards me. "How do we play this game" I asked. "First, you have to suck on my titty, then I'll suck on your willy" she explained.

Sucking a titty was not that difficult to me as it came naturally. I went straight into that without hesitation. Esther began to moan as she slid her hand down my belly and gently grabbing my hard willy. After a few minutes Esther said "Now is my turn to suck you" she moved down my torso and started giving me blowjob. "That feels wonderful" I said as she continued without giving me any attention.

Suddenly she sat up and said "now it is your turn to lick my vagina" "Y-yak! I can't do that, it's your peepee!" I shrugged. "Its part of the game... I sucked your penis and it is now your turn to lick my vagina... don't worry its clean and sweet, just try it and you'll start liking it" Esther said turning around and laying on her back with her legs apart. I hesitantly and gently obeyed her command. I slid down between her legs and for the first time saw what a vagina really looked like. Esther spread her vagina lips and pointed to her clitoris "Here is where you lick, now come on, start licking" I did exactly as she said as she started to moan.

"What is that little hole down there, is that where you pee?" I asked. "That is where you will put your penis in" she answered as her moans become louder. "Put your pinky into that little hole, hurry!...and lick faster!..." I placed my small finger at her little entrance and gently and slowly pushed it in. "I'm Cumming, I'm Cumming" she shouted as her body began to twist in spasms. She quickly spread her legs and said "Now put your penis into my small hole" I quickly jumped in between her legs, took my willy by the hand and started guiding it into the little hole.

All of a sudden the door flung opened and there was Graham with the Keys in his hands, gasping loudly, "I-I-I gonna tell Mum and dad" and disappeared.

I was so afraid that I began to cry. Esther got into her Top and Skirt, threw my shorts over and ran out of the room. I slowly got into my shorts and walked into my room and closed the door.

Mum and them arrived late in the evening. Esther and I were called up by Esther's Father, who spanked Esther several times on her bum and left for mum to deal with. He told us that what we were doing was wrong and that only adults were allowed to do it for the purpose of have a baby. Mum also dealt with me severely on my bum.

At that moment I came to understand the whole concept of sex. To this date I still fantasize about that moment and wondered how Esther managed to have these vast knowledge about sexuality at that tender age.