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16862 - My two brothers go out drinkiing together. And my two sisters also go out together. And when they came home my brothers often talked about past girlfriends. My sisters always used to tease them both over it because none of them had one. So one night after they all went out together in a foursome they came home. And ythey all continued drinking and our sisters started dancing with our brothers. One of my sisters flirted with our brother and they both sat kissing and cuddling each other. While our other ones dance slowluy they too started kissing and rubbing up against each other. Our first brother and sister got up and went upstairs to one of the bedrooms together. Later i realised they were both having sex in our parents room. Later when our second brother and sister went upstairs they stood and watched the others fucking. Before they went in our parents room and laid on the bed too and also started fucking. My brothers and sisters soon swopped partners over. And they all fucked and cum in each other for hours before falling asleep in the same bed. In the morning they were all fucking each other again. And when they all came downstairs for breakfast they all said they had all enjoyed the night before. Now my two sisters have found out they are pregnant to our two brothers. And they are all still fucking together with each other after a night out every weekend. And just recently our parents went mad with them when they caught them all fucking each other. While they were all at it you could hear our parents shouting away at them. But it still doesnt stop them from fucking each other. Nothing will stop them either because they all enjoy it too much to stop for anything.


16044 - When I was 13 my brother and I were in my uncles barn where he kept some donkeys. This one donkey had a big hard boner and mounted the female. We watched them till he squirt his big load which poured out of the female when he'd finished.
My brother had gotten a hard on while watching them and was bulging like crazy.I laughed and teased him and told him I could see the big head on it. He grabed me and pushed me down and got on top of me.He pulled my panties down and pushed his meat into me.It wasn't as near big as the donkeys but it sure felt like it was .He pumped hard and fast for 10 minutes or so the groaned as he cum in me then rolled off ,his cum dripping out of me.
We had sex up to 12 times a week after that .We both loved the way it felt and had plenty of free time to do it.
Then he got a girl friend a few years after that and our sex slowed until , but we still do it once or so a week ,
I found a boy friend but he's not as big or as good as my brother


23050 - Last summer my sister, who is twenty-four, got divorced. It was very messy, with her husband playing around. I'm thirty, and got divorced three years ago, so I had a pretty good idea of what she was going through. I was over at her apartment, and we were having lunch and talking. She told me how nice it was that she had a brother she could talk to like this, and said the same of her. Then she giggled and said how it was too bad that we couldn't spend the afternoon in bed together, and how perfect that would be. There had never been anythying like this between us while we were growing up, so it was decidely a very teasing idea. We joked about it, then just for fun, we tried some romantic kisses, which were extremely nice. Very quickly, before we had time to discuss it and chicken out, we were getting naked in her bedroom and I was fucking my own sister. It was fantatsic!!!
After that time, sis and I have hit the sack together on a number occasions and neither of us have any regrets.


16854 - Im living with my cousins for two weeks while our parents are away on holiday. And on the first night i overheard the two lads asking their sister if she would giive them both a blowjob. And about all the positions they would like to get her into to fuck her pussy. Later they both started rubbing their hands all over her body to get her turned on. After that they all sneaked of upstairs together into a room. So i followed them up a couple minutes later to see what they were all up to. As i pushed the bedroom door open i saw her sitting on their parents bed. And they were both stood in front of her with their trousers around their ankles waving their hard cocks in her face. She kissed their cocks then started sucking on one while pulling on the other one. Then she swopped cocks over in her mouth while both of them started removing her blouse and bra and feeling her tits. One of her brothers knelt down and started sucking on them. Then he stopped and his brother continued sucking them. And the first started pulling at her skirt and her thong and took them both off her. As he knelt there on the floor he put his hand between her legs and started feeling her wet pussy. Then he started poking two fingers inside her while her other brother was still continuing to get a blowjob. They both laid her down on the bed and swopped over again. Then the second brother started licking her wet pussy. As the first brother turned her over into the doggy position and he took the rest of his clothes off. He told his brother to remove the rest of his clothes too. They both took turns rubbing their cocks against her pussy and she moaned that they were both teasing her. Then one of them pushed it right inside her and started fucking her. As the other stuck his cock back in her mouth. They swopped over again while spitroasting her. Then the one who was fucking her filled her pussy with cum. When he pulled out the other took over fucking her and he filled her up too. She loves cock up her.


15084 - I ve been walking around my house in super skimpy clothe no pantie or a bra on on if I bent over you could see my shaved tight pussy My body looks pretty close to shakiras . Well any ways I been dressing like this because my little brother just moved in and all of his friends come over a lot Ever since the met me I don't want to fuck them or anything but I get so wet just dressing really slutty teasing them by getting down on all 4s to clean something when I don't have to or just talking nasty flirting with them pretty much anything to get them hard I like it when I catch them lookiing at my ass it really gets me tured on some times I masurtate with the door opened just a little to see if any of them try peek on me I sometimes shower with the door open. So far only 2 of them tried to get brave and tried to fuck me but I acted like I wanted to fuck them really bad and leave them with blue balls