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18827 - I have been sniffing my step daughters thongs and panties for the last 7 months. neither her or her mom have any clue at all. i love the way her pussy smells after shes had them jammed in her pussy all day.


16083 - My daughter is 36 and divorced. She is beautiful and has a great looking body. Last year she came to stay with me for a couple months. That's when I started sniffing her panties and I love it. Since then she has bought a home of her own. Every once in a while I have to babysit while she works week-ends. As soon as she leaves for work I start looking for some dirty panties. I smell, lick, and suck on them right where her sweet pussy has been and masturbate while pretending I'm eating her pussy. This has also got me wanting to actually eat and fuck her. She has never said nor done anything that would lead me to believe she would ever let me. I couldn't stand it if I tried and she started hating me so I guess I'll just go on fantasizing and masturbating. It may be wrong to want to have sex with your daughter but if thinking about it feels this good I don't see how it could be wrong. From the stories I've read. real or not, there are a lot of other men that want to have sex with their daughters.


14380 - I live with my partner and her 14yrs old daughter i have been sniffing her knickers since she was 12yrs when i pick her up from school she always sits in the back of the car with her legs apart she also makes her skirt short i look up her skirt then she shouts at me for doing it saying i am a perv and laughs once she caught me wanking with a pair of her knickers she had on for school she let me sniff her pussy and arse but no sex she likes to control me she always gives me her knickers she has slept in and gives me a kiss and whispers i am a dirty old man


15058 - I, for one am sick and tired of reading about guys sniffing their mother's dirty panties or cumming in their step-daughter's oatmeal. I like threesome stories, especially mfm kind where 2 guys havde hard sex , usually one of the men is the woman's husband. That's ok. I like to read about infidelity. a woman cheating on her usband and him finding out about it. It happened to me several times, and I told my wife to go ahead and screw any guy she liked, and she took advantage of that!I walked in once, she was getting her pussy filled by the neighbor, and he pulled out and ran, naked back to his house when dhe saw me in the doorway!
so, come on, people, no more stories about you grubbing around in your sister's laundry basket looking for smellable items.


21581 - I'm a 35 year old male. just last summer my best friend(neighbor),rick, went on a vacation with his family. He asked me to watch his dog and house while he was gone. Rick has a fatass for a wife (sorry rick!!) But he has three insanely hot daughters. Ages 14, 16, and 19. so when I watched over the house I always went into the girls rooms and snatched some dirty thongs, socks, and bras. I laid down in the youngest ones bed, naked and came on her pillow while sniffing her dirty laundry. Her pussy smells so fucking nice!!! Her pillow case was grey so when my cum dried up, it was not seeable. I came in all of there lotion and shampoo bottles. I came on almost every single of the youngest ones panties and socks (clean ones) So basically for two weeks I had an unlimited skinny of access to underage girls thongs and bras