Latest Spanking Confessions:


18883 - From the age of 12 to 20 I listened to my dad spank my mom. At first I had no idea what the noise was but after time u understood. I would get as close to their bedroom door to listen and wank my young cock. I wish I could of watched or spanked her aswell. Now I spank my wife and hope my son can hear.


18434 - I need to know if anyone else has experienced this and feels the same way I do? When I was younger and lived with my parents I would often wake to the sound of my dad spanking my mom. At first I didn't understand what the sounds were but after finding my dads spankings mags I began to listen with interest. I began to be aroused by this and then masturbated when listening. As a older man I have a need to spank a older woman and to be spanked... Is this wrong?


22734 - I think Arnold Schwarzenegger is adorable and would love to turn him over my knee and spank him with a hairbrush while he protests in his cute Austrian accent.


19767 - I love to be spanked, I love pushing my fat naked ass in the air and having someone spank me hard and tell me I'm a naughty little slut, after I love to just get it on hard and rough in my pussy mouth and asshole, but I just love to have my ass slapped my a big meaty hand.


15536 - My husband spanks me. My parents and friends would all be totally appalled if they knew because they think I'm a normal, modern woman who wouldn't allow something like this.

I get one maintenance spanking per week. About twenty five swats with a paddle.

The most embarrassing spanking I ever experienced happened at my in-laws. I was in a bad mood and just went a bit too far with something I said. He ordered me to the bathroom, made me take off my pants, bent me over the sink, and spanked me with his belt. I knew that everyone in the house was listening. His father disciplines his mother too so the spanking itself would have shocked them, but it was still very humiliating.