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13074 - The first girl I ever slept with was my sister. I say slept with to emphasize the consensual nature of what happened. We were together many times over a period of three years. Ever since then I've been stuck on incest. I love looking for stories of incest between consenting adults, and especially enjoy reading true stories. Consensual incest really does happen sometimes.


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19751 - My 1st sex experience was with my sister and this went on until we were adults. Since then I had incest fantasies for years and now I would love to have a 'daughter-daddy' online role play with a like minded lady, antone wanna play ? email me at I promise to share loads of true stories XXX


14025 - I don't know how many of these incest stories are true or just for shock value, but I want to fuck the hell out of my sister. Suck on her nice tits. Fuck her from behind so her nice ass rubs against me. Suck on her pussy. I bet my sister has a nice pussy, and I want it bad. Any help on how to bring this up to her would be nice. We're both of age.


11690 - I've been having an affair with my mom for three months. It started when I caught her with one of my friends, and she said she'd do anything if I wouldn't tell my dad. Apparently she wasn't kidding, because we've been having sex all the time since then. This is a dream come true for me, because, like most boys, I've been fantasizing about her since I was like 13.