Latest Wife Dog Knot Confessions:


21736 - I have a wife who breeds with our three dogs all the time. She loves having all three of them take turns on her and knot with her some times for up to thirty minutes. I have found her sleeping with all three of them when she was naked. She is the dogs slut, she really loves her dogs and I enjoy watching them mounting her.


18784 - My husband and I, 33 yo female, were asked to feed and walk our neighbor's Great Dane when they left for vacation. A message was left by the food, saying, "If you are into it, Mort makes a great knot. Just slap your ass."

The next day, my husband searched the internet and discovered the meaning of the message. I was up for it, but a little scared.

I was so wet thinking about it. I got down on all fours with my pussy lifted high as my husband patted my ass. Mort immediately stode over me and started probing my pussy area with his huge cock. Suddenly, it entered me, OMG, he was huge and so warm. Cum was flowing everywhere....I tried to move forward and that make Mort force his 8 inch cock forward deeperly and hold it in. I began to feel something growing inside my pussy! Mort was knotting me! At first it was painful, but then the knot was pushing on my G-spot really hard! I started cumming so hard, all the while jets of dog cum fired deep in my pussy!

My whole stomach bouncing! I told me husband, OMG, I think Mort has his pointy penis tip lodged in my cervix. My vagina was dripping around his knot, and my vagina was contracting to his pulsing cock! Finally, Mort just stopped moving and starting drooling on my head! He knot continued to get bigger and bigger slowly, it must have been a softball size. I tried to rest my myself but his knot kept my pussy pulled high.

I asked my husband how long would the knot husband started laughing and said about 45 minutes to an hour..OMG...all the time Mort's dog penis was pumping cum and fluid into my pussy and filled up my womb I think!

When Mort finally came out, I was so relieved. I swear my cunt released dog sperm for a week...I had to wear a sanitary napkin and change it several times a day.

Now, my neighbor's wife and I "help relieve poor Mort's stress" about every 2-3 days, taking turns! My husband says he wants me to live a full life as possible and watches when he is not working.

If you have never been knotted by a big dog, then you have never lived fully!


13893 - I have dreamed of sex with a dog for years. when I got the chance I jerked a dog off. After a little while He let me suck on his (doghood). several years later I got a dog of my own,and talked my wife into trying it. She let the dog lick her and then he mounted her. The rest of the time we were together she would do the dog while I watched. after we divorced I tried the dog myself, although I am not gay I do fantasize about sucking, and the dog was great, he did knot me the pain was worth it.


23714 - I must say that in many ways i am just your average guy. Good job, nice
Wife, great kids and grandkids. But when the time is right I'm also a cock
Sucking ass licking dog fucking cum drinking pervert. With a sexy big dicked boy friend that can't wait to fuck me in every hole he can get his cock into. But the thing I carve, the thing I love above all others is to have
My lab fuck and then knot my asshole. So when wife's gone to town and no one is around old SAM and I go at it. Let me tell you about it. I go out
To the pen and get Sam and we go into the shed I lock the door and all
Hell breaks loose. I get down on the floor and reach under him to give a
Few good strokes he responds with a couple thrust. By this time I'm horny
As hell and can't wait for his rod. I get on my hands and knees and he moves in and takes the mount. I reach back and guide him to my waiting
Ass. Once he hits my hole he goes to town on me sinking in deep.


19499 - My first wife didn't work and I had a factory job in a big plant. We had an electrical problem in the part where I worked and they sent us all home at about 1:30pm. I thought I was surprise my wife and just slip in without her knowing I was home.

I didn't see her where she usually was in the kitchen or living room watching TV, I even looked in the back yard and thought she might be playing with our dog. When I went back in I heard her upstairs talking to someone. As I got closer to our bedroom I was hearing her moaning. I looked in and she was laying across our bed with her knees on the floor and our dog was fucking her.

I was so angry as I am a very jealous person and wanted to go in there with a baseball bat and beat the crap out of both of them, but I didn't. I left for awhile and then came back home where I made lots of noise when I entered and acted like I never saw anything and never said a word about it.

That night when we went to bed and I tried to have sex with her I noticed as I had for awhile that her pussy seemed much larger than when we were first married. I was having thoughts about what I had seen that day and knew how large the dogs's knot was.

I had her lay across the bed the way I saw her earlier that day and told her I needed to get something. I brought the dog in and she tried to get up but I made her lay there and let the dog lick her pussy. She was crying and saying why are you making me do this awful thing, about that time the dog mounted her and got it in. I got in front of her and told her to shutup and suck my cock. I asked her why she wondered why I was making her let the dog fuck her as he seemed to know exactly what to do.

When the dog finished, I came in her mouth and made her swallow it all. I told her to stay where she was while I put the dog out. When I came back I told her I wanted the truth from her and then asked her how long she had been fucking our dog? She broke down crying hysterically and said ever since we had gooten him. She also told me she used to fuck their family dog when she was a teenager.

I never fucked her again and got rid of the dog. Our whole relationship changed. Six months later she left and filed for divorce while I was at work. It broke my heart and I wished many many times I had accepted it, later the thought of what happened turned me on but at the time it destroyed my feelings. I was so stupid when I was younger and it took me many years to trust a woman again.