Latest Wife Dog Knot Confessions:


21736 - I have a wife who breeds with our three dogs all the time. She loves having all three of them take turns on her and knot with her some times for up to thirty minutes. I have found her sleeping with all three of them when she was naked. She is the dogs slut, she really loves her dogs and I enjoy watching them mounting her.


24018 - My wife mates with our two dogs most every day, some times more. She has been doing this for the past three years now. I catch her while they are humping her or while they are knotted. I do not have sex with her much any more. She likes the dogs better and has told me so. I have accepted it and don't think much of it any more. She is happy and the dogs seem to like doing her.


18784 - My husband and I, 33 yo female, were asked to feed and walk our neighbor's Great Dane when they left for vacation. A message was left by the food, saying, "If you are into it, Mort makes a great knot. Just slap your ass."

The next day, my husband searched the internet and discovered the meaning of the message. I was up for it, but a little scared.

I was so wet thinking about it. I got down on all fours with my pussy lifted high as my husband patted my ass. Mort immediately stode over me and started probing my pussy area with his huge cock. Suddenly, it entered me, OMG, he was huge and so warm. Cum was flowing everywhere....I tried to move forward and that make Mort force his 8 inch cock forward deeperly and hold it in. I began to feel something growing inside my pussy! Mort was knotting me! At first it was painful, but then the knot was pushing on my G-spot really hard! I started cumming so hard, all the while jets of dog cum fired deep in my pussy!

My whole stomach bouncing! I told me husband, OMG, I think Mort has his pointy penis tip lodged in my cervix. My vagina was dripping around his knot, and my vagina was contracting to his pulsing cock! Finally, Mort just stopped moving and starting drooling on my head! He knot continued to get bigger and bigger slowly, it must have been a softball size. I tried to rest my myself but his knot kept my pussy pulled high.

I asked my husband how long would the knot husband started laughing and said about 45 minutes to an hour..OMG...all the time Mort's dog penis was pumping cum and fluid into my pussy and filled up my womb I think!

When Mort finally came out, I was so relieved. I swear my cunt released dog sperm for a week...I had to wear a sanitary napkin and change it several times a day.

Now, my neighbor's wife and I "help relieve poor Mort's stress" about every 2-3 days, taking turns! My husband says he wants me to live a full life as possible and watches when he is not working.

If you have never been knotted by a big dog, then you have never lived fully!


13893 - I have dreamed of sex with a dog for years. when I got the chance I jerked a dog off. After a little while He let me suck on his (doghood). several years later I got a dog of my own,and talked my wife into trying it. She let the dog lick her and then he mounted her. The rest of the time we were together she would do the dog while I watched. after we divorced I tried the dog myself, although I am not gay I do fantasize about sucking, and the dog was great, he did knot me the pain was worth it.


24179 - When I see my six month pergnet wife bent over, all I think is how much I would love to tie her hands to the bed blind fold her and watch a huge throbing cock move in and out that pussy over and over harder and faster thill she screams and begs for it wish that it would go deeper in her and deeper then remove the blind fold So she would she it's a big doggy fucking hear and as she would squirm and try to get away I hold her legs down so the dog can start to knot her and once the dog knotted her and she was stuck I'd rub her pussy fondle her brest and make her suck my cock to get free the dog cum would leak out her swollen pussy lips as mine leaked out her mouth. D hearts m forever